Metal excess into water nozzle "killer" new standard may buy health insurance

In the past 2013, the hot topic of the sanitary ware industry star, is not the faucet products. Faucet "lead exceed standard", "hexavalent chromium exceed standard" in the industry set off a storm, not only make many consumers on the quality of the faucet heart doubts, but also triggered the public for the whole plumbing and bathroom industry integrity interrogation.

Metal excess into water nozzle "killer" new standard may buy health insurance

Frequent quality disturbance, consumers worry when?

In July 2013, a number of domestic enterprises led by Supor were found to have "excessive lead" in faucets. All of a sudden, people "talk about lead." Although there was no lack of artificial speculation during the period, the fact that Supor faucets exceeded the standard of hexavalent chromium was revealed in the process of sample cup testing by various enterprises, causing consumers to fall into product quality panic again.

Originally thought, faucet new national standard is coming, faucet metal event will be reduced, but unexpectedly storm again. In January 2014, Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce issued the "Water Nozzle Quality Monitoring in Circulation Field", the unqualified rate of more than 60%, Moen, American standard, Kohler and other international front-line all become the leading role in the quality black list, the amount of lead out of the standard makes the daily use of taps become an invisible health killer in the family.

At the same time, China's first consumer research report on water treatment products was released. The report, based on household surveys in first-tier cities, shows that only 25 percent of users are satisfied with tap water at home, while 49.6 percent have doubts about it. In this regard, it may not be one-sided to blame the faucet quality responsibility, but there are problems on the market nozzle is an indisputable fact, these products in the invisible impact on people's health and consumer trust for the enterprise.

Why do faucets frequently present quality disturbance? The lack of regulation is partly to blame, but so is the profit-driven nature of business.

Product demand increases, enterprises need to strictly control the quality

Facing the problem of product integrity, it also gives some excellent products of high quality brands a good chance to prove their innocence from one side, which will bring more business opportunities for these enterprises. In recent years, as the country's urbanization has accelerated, the demand for faucets has increased. Industry analysis, the next five years, tap market size is expected to double.

From this point of view, faucet enterprise development and profit space is very considerable. In the fierce market competition, these high-quality products and their manufacturers will win the trust of more consumers by virtue of their good quality, because good "quality" is always an important standard to win the trust of consumers.

In addition, with the introduction of the new national standard GB18145, the faucet is the whole plumbing and bathroom industry some development chaos will be treated. It is reported that the new national standard has increased the number of metals in faucets to 17. Besides lead, heavy metals such as chromium and nickel will also be tested. Moreover, the limits and detection methods of metal pollutants are consistent with the American standard.

After the introduction of the new standard, whether some industry chaos will be cleared up remains to be seen, but it is certain that in the case of the metal content of the water nozzle is limited, the health and environmental protection index related to the product will be greatly improved, and the health from the source will also buy a genuine "health insurance" for consumers.

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