Rights protection into promotion day sanitary 3.15 deterioration is not advisable

With the March 15 International Consumer Rights Day just around the corner, local governments have begun to open channels for complaints. A few days ago, Zhejiang Provincial Industry and Commerce Bureau, Consumer protection Commission in the province's wide public collection of home improvement building materials field consumption infringement, and accept the relevant report. While the household building materials family in the bathroom industry, although there is no large promotional activities after the year, but many enterprises are actively preparing for the arrival of March 15.

Rights protection into promotion day sanitary 3.15 deterioration is not advisable

Frequent quality incidents, sanitary ware industry questioned

Throughout the whole sanitary ware industry, product quality problems occur frequently in recent years, so that consumers suffer. In July 2013, the faucet "containing lead door" has caused hot discussion, and when the new national standard is about to be implemented, the Shanghai industry and Commerce Department revealed that more than 60% of faucets were found to have excessive lead.

In December of the same year, Beijing Hardware plumbing product Quality supervision and inspection Center according to the United States NSF61 testing standards, the precipitation of 16 kinds of heavy metals in these 14 products were tested. The test result shows that the content of hexavalent chromium in the Supor sample faucet is 3.028ug/L, which exceeds 50% of the requirement of the American standard (≦2.0ug/L)...... Toilet and shower explosions are numerous.

Rights protection blocked, consumers increasingly into the promotion day

Many in the industry can't help but wonder why quality problems are so frequent. To a large extent, the quality of sanitary ware problems are due to the increasingly fierce competition in the industry under the current situation, some enterprises in order to ensure sales, shoddy, low price. The failure of supervision by relevant departments has made some problematic products available on the market. In addition, despite the increased awareness of rights protection, the "fear of trouble" mentality of many people still contributes to the promotion of profiteering.

Nowadays, March 15 has become a publicity stunt for businesses and a good opportunity for promotional activities: "store courtesy", "buy 1000 get 500 free" and other marketing gimmicks continue. 3.15 The days of "protection of consumers' rights and interests" gradually changed into the promotional carnival of "luring consumers with profits". The red tape is done, the integrity slogan is shouted, the promotion activities are carried out, the sales performance is increased, the activity price is reduced - enterprises, businesses, customers "happy", a song and dance, but in fact, the industry has a variety of drawbacks, the consumption trap has not been solved, in the long run, such carnival will eventually become the dinner.

In addition, although many enterprises opened the service hotline, but the product sold and no longer pay attention to the phenomenon still happens. Therefore, no matter the product quality problem or the deterioration of 3.15, the industry, enterprises and consumers are all responsible. In this situation, the author believes that 3.15 still has a long way to go in China. "Consumer rights protection" should not just be a holiday, but should gradually become normal, every day is 3.15.

Conclusion: Sanitary enterprises should adhere to the bottom line of integrity

Today, the Internet has become a powerful weight of public supervision. As consumers of sanitary ware, people should also dare to safeguard their own rights. Companies should understand that "low prices" are becoming less attractive to consumers. In a buyer's market, quality and service are less important than price. Fortunately, many companies are now aware of this. By improving its own production technology, developing some reliable products, and began to practice the concept of "sell sanitary ware, sell service", establish its own after-sales service system, so that consumers buy happy, safe.

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