Green "bathroom can not take care of the face lost practical

At the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development issued a notice on the implementation of green construction in affordable housing, requiring all localities to plan, organize and implement it step by step in accordance with the principles of economy, applicability, environmental protection, safety and resource conservation. It is reported that green building in material selection, construction, operation and other stages adhere to the concept of environmental protection, low carbon, in the interior of the green building naturally green bathroom figure. As the downstream industry of real estate, sanitary ware industry attaches more and more importance to the research and development of green products, but in contrast, the internal production environment of sanitary ware enterprises is very worrying.

"Green" sanitary ware can not ignore the face lost inside

Companies are struggling to recruit workers because of health problems caused by heavy dust

In recent years, the problem of difficult employment has been more prominent. However, some dynamic intensive enterprises and traditional manufacturing enterprises have appeared the phenomenon of double shortage of skilled personnel and front-line general workers. Some enterprises in the sanitary ware industry have appeared "labor shortage". The phenomenon of "hard to recruit" makes enterprises very headache. Besides long working hours, high intensity and salary level and other factors, the working environment is also an important reason for this situation.

Because the sanitary ceramic production workshop produces a lot of dust and other harmful substances, workers in this environment for a long time if improper protection prone to pneumoconiosis. In the sanitary ceramics industry, several major producing areas in China have such cases. It is reported that if the concentration of dust in the workplace seriously exceeds the standard, and the workers do not wear personal protective equipment according to the regulations, they can also suffer from pneumoconiosis in 1 to 2 years, and the workers in the glaze spraying process in many ceramics factories will basically change their posts in 2 years. Therefore, for the sake of health, many people are not willing to engage in pottery and sanitary production, especially young people. Unable to ensure a relatively healthy production environment, so that the production line of the sanitary industry has become a "high-risk occupation", naturally can not retain people, can not find people, will bring a certain impact on production, enterprise labor shortage is difficult to avoid.

Getting out of risky industries from the inside out green is true

On the one hand, faced with a large number of employment, on the other hand, sanitary ware enterprises are faced with the problem of recruitment difficulties. In the final analysis, enterprises should not only pay attention to the green environment of their own products, environmental protection should not be limited to the outside, the internal production environment also needs to be low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, so as to attract more outstanding talents into the industry and promote the sustainable development of the industry. Rather than treating it as a high-risk industry that scares people away.

The good news is that a lot of attention has been paid to this. In 2013, the government departments of Faku in Liaoning Province, Zibo in Shandong Province, Quanzhou in Fujian Province, Gao 'an in Jiangxi Province, Qingyuan in Guangdong Province, Zhaoqing and other ceramic producing areas successively required local building sanitary ceramic enterprises to complete the natural gas replacement project within a time limit, and the clean production of ceramic ware was formally put on the agenda.

Nowadays, more and more sanitary ware enterprises pay attention to the research and development of green products, and water-saving and energy-saving sanitary ware gradually enters people's vision. Energy conservation and environmental protection is the eternal topic of market development, but "green" should not only be limited to products, the production environment also needs green. Only when the working environment is good, more people are willing to engage in the sanitary ware industry, and reducing environmental pollution is the social responsibility and obligation of enterprises. In fact, only green from the inside out can achieve true sustainable development.

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